Trade Finance

Trade Finance provides you with the funding fix you need to carry out international trade and commerce more easily. You can use it to purchase goods and stock, reduce payment gaps in your trade cycle and maintain positive supply chain relationships.

Trade Finance How does it work?

Trade Finance is a broad term 

for the financing of international trade flows and it reduces the risks associated with a transaction. It includes finance types such as invoice finance, supply chain finance and documentary credits.

It’s a type of short to medium-term finance

that provides businesses with a working capital solution. It uses the products or services being imported or exported as security and can boost the revenue potential for the borrowing business.

Cash flow management is paramount for any business

Trade Finance lets you release working capital tied up in your stock or receivables, or borrow additional finance to facilitate your trade cycles.

With Trade Finance, you can order

larger volumes of stock to enable economies of scale and unlock discounts associated with buying in bulk.