is an international financial institution incorporated and established in the Commonwealth of Dominica, operating in accordance with Dominica Banking Regulations, the Banking Secrecy Act and International Banking Law, and is mandated in offering complete Banking services to all International Clientele, both on a Personal and Corporate level and is a full-service financial institution specializing in customized banking products and services. 1Click 2Go Bank is a leading with considerable financial expertise. Through innovative services and forward-thinking, 1Click 2Go Bank aims to be an Dominica trailblazer in banking, providing the bench mark for return to all stakeholders. Through our Corporate, Business, Private, Personal and Internet Banking divisions we are able to adequately address the financial needs of various segments of the market. Furthermore, our Trade, Treasury and Credit departments complement our broad range of financial services with their unique and innovative banking products. Additionally, with over 26 branches across in the world and a vast ATM network, 1Click 2Go Bank makes banking easy and accessible.

1Click 2Go Bank, provides personal and business banking services, is primarily engaged in the business of attracting deposits from the general public to offer investment solutions and portfolio management designed according to each client’s personal needs. In addition to the main focus, the Bank offers Time Deposits, Credit Cards, Money Market accounts, loans. It offers current and giro, international, savings, and other accounts; domestic payment operations, international payment operations, deposits, and other services; cash, mortgage, consumer, agro, and other loans, as well as loans for working capital and tourism development; and, brokerage, e-banking, and online services.

A “World Opportunity Fund” company

World Opportunities Fund is a AC Fidelity Fund Group Companies

“With the strength and intelligence of a large group”

 is a global payment services company that provides B2B, B2C and C2B services. It is designed with a focus on digital enterprises in mind, and as a result, it allows businesses to send, receive and sell crypto while making it possible to immediately deposit the cash after converting their cryptocurrency to Fiat currency.

Businesses can open dedicated bank accounts in their own names from anywhere in the world. 1Click 2Go Bank delivers lower-cost and speedier cross-border trade, challenging traditional payment methods. You can send and receive compatible crypto to other businesses and easily make B2B, SEPA wherever you are.

1Click 2Go Bank is committed to provide all the above mentioned products and services in a very confidential and secure environment, being the main objective to protect customer information.


was founded in year of 2016.
1Click 2Go Bank was granted, pursuant to the Resolution of the Financial Services Unit (F.S.U.) of the Commonwealth of Dominica, for Offshore Banking Business, pursuant to section 5 of the offshore Banking Act No.8 of 1996, reference number 2016/C3332 from 07.04.2016, an authorization to work.
The Bank is registered as the Private Company Limited in the Central Registry of the Companies and Intellectual Property Office of the Commonwealth of Dominica, reference number C3332 on 11.02.2016, with an authorized capital of US$44,000,000.00.

The bank on 27.10.2021 has been authorized by the Financial Services Unit (FSU), “permission to Conduct”, to carry out the activities of; Digital Currency Purchase, Sale Deposits, Withdrawal, Transfer, Hypothecation, Crypto Business, Exchange and Custody Services, according to “Pursuant to Schedule III, Part 7, Section 3 (9) of the Financial Services Unit Act, No. 18 of 2008 and the Offshore Banking Act No.8 of 1996 “.

Since the establishment the activity of the bank was mainly focused on working with companies. Today the bank has extended its activities also on retail. Today the bank is subsidiary of World Opportunities Fund Inc, Canadian Corporation and financial institution with MSB licence M21004442, authorised and supervised by the Financial Supervisory of Canada, FINTRAC, and regulated by the Revenue Québec for Money Services Business and automated teller machines, licence number 904711 and registered in the “Office of the Protection du Consommateur” (OPC), for financial protection for consumers with licence number 17207-1 for money lender activities and licence 17263-1 for “high-cost credit contract”

1Click 2Go Bank & Trust is a member of The Caribbean Association Banks.

1Click 2Go Bank & Trust

General Operating Conditions

General operating conditions, according to the Banking Law, represent each document that contains standard operating conditions that may be applied to all clients of the bank. Those conditions refer to the relationship between the clients and bank, communication between the clients and bank and performing transactions between the clients and the bank. Banks’ duty is to post those documents in its business premises on a visible location.

The client may require from the bank additional explanations and instructions that refer to the implementation of general operating conditions.

General operating conditions of the 1Click 2Go Bank are contained in documents adopted by the Board of Directors of the bank which can be downloaded here:

  • General operating conditions
  • General operating conditions of the brokerage department
  • General operating conditions of the electronic banking for individuals
  • General operating conditions for issuing and using payment cards

Protection of Personal Data

The conduct of 1Click 2Go Bank in the case of receiving client objections is regulated by the Rules of coordinating the execution of daily operations at 1Click 2Gi Bank.
Each client that deems that the bank does not meet obligations from the signed contract may submit an objection to the competent organizational unit. Executive directors are authorized for making decision upon client objections and it’s their duty to respond to the complainant in the period of 30 day as of the day of submission of objection.


Corporate Board

Assembly of the shareholders is body of the Bank owners through which owners protect their interests, and on defined way can make an influence on Bank actions. Assembly of the shareholders is composed of all shareholders of the Bank.

Bank is managed by Board of Directors in accordance with Banking Law, Law on companies and Statute of the 1Click 2Go Bank & Trust Ltd, Roseau. Standing bodies of Board of Directors are Audit Committee, Assets and liability committee – ALCO, IT Steering Committee and Loan Committee.

Decisions of the Board of Directors are implemented by Executive Directors. Executive Directors are responsible for the organization and management of the bank and supervise the work of the employees of the bank on daily basis. The Bank elects at least two Executive Directors, of which one should be the Chief Executive Officer.